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Our company was established in 1996 as an independent enterprise, which is one of the dynamically growing entertainment industry. Based on our experience and observations, we are expanding our offer, adapting it to new challenges and market expectations, meeting the requirements of our customers. We are also the precursors in the rental of equipment for private events and the organization of "Kinder Party" in the West Pomeranian.

As one of the few on the Polish market, we repair inflatable equipment produced not only by us but also imported from CHINA.

We provide services in:
- production of large-area tarpaulins,
- shields for industry for specialist equipment,
- execution of halls for business activity,
- production of bags for transporting tools,
- production of canopies and tarpaulins: for boats, construction machines, car trailers, etc.,
- creating marquises as well as covers for gastronomic gardens, terraces, etc.
- assembly of manufactured products.

In addition, we produce:
- construction of castles and inflatable advertisements,
- inflatable products, f.e. advertising, poles, etc.

We prepare toys for every party!

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